Dealings Over Feelings


The world is very cold, so you better bundle up. You need to stay on point at all times, because life moves fast, if you blink you might miss something. That's why it's important to always STAY IN YOUR DEALINGS AND NOT YOUR FEELINGS.

You must know when the right time is to use your feelings! You need to know where feelings belong and where they don't. People make the mistake of always telling people how they feel, as if other people should care about that. People also make the mistake of putting their feelings inside of conversations,  but feelings don't belong there either.

Reality is, you should be selective with your feelings. They should be used in intimate environments, with people you care about the most. 

It's about DEALINGS at all times, those are the rules! You can choose not to abide by those rules, and try to create your own based on your feelings, but don't be surprised when you lose.

Mistakes are very expensive, not even the richest people in the world can afford to make any, can you?

This E-book is for those that are ready to DEAL! It's for people that understand that fortune favors the bold, and nature supports the aggressor.

FEELINGS or DEALINGS, choose wisely

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